Creating the Ultimate Swag Bags

You’ve been asked to put together the ultimate swag bag for your upcoming corporate event, Oh no! What comes to your mind is a bag of cheap promotional products that will get tossed the moment they get home. But this is your time to shine. Show them you got this, you’re the master of swag.

First things first, What is a swag bag? Derived from the Latin word Swagatolli it’s the bag that holds your essential utensils for a night out. OK, we just made that up. The word swag actually has its origins in Scandinavia but I digress. Who cares about the origins. The clock is ticking and you’ve got to get it together. Focus.

A swag bag is a bag with a collection of gifts to be handed out at an event like the Oscars or other events like your humble corporate holiday party. The items in the bag are usually promotional in nature in that they have a company logo on them. So it’s a cross between a gift and a promotion product. The word swag is slang for promotional products or marketing materials with a company name on it. Swag is also sometimes called chotskies.

Customizing Your Swag Bags

Swag bags are there to remind your employees or clients of the products or services you provide. Whether it’s a simple swag bag for a company picnic or the ultimate swag bag from a star-studded event, every bag’s purpose is to advertise, build your brand, and simply say thank you. Typically some items in the bag will have a logo imprint and others may be something simple like a chocolate bar or bag of snacks without your logo.

How to Begin Putting Together Your Swag Bags

To create the perfect swag bag for your upcoming event, all you have to do is take these simple steps:

1. Lock in your budget

How much will you be spending on each bag? Maybe it’s R50, R100, or R1000, the important thing is to start with a budget and stick to it.

2. Choose the number of items

Keep in mind that the best number of items for a swag bag is between four and six. Too many items and you’ll be spreading your budget too thin. Too few and, well, it won’t really be a swag bag, right?

3. Choose the bag

The bag sets the tone for the entire corporate gift so make sure you choose one that fits the message. A sleek, black bag with gold lettering promises a luxe gift set, a polka dot beach bag says these products are going to be fun, and a backpack may tell them there will be something useful in their swag. You’ll be spending some of your budget on the bag, so make sure it is the type of bag the recipient is going to want to keep.

4. Choose the products

Once you’ve selected the bag and narrowed in on a theme, your swag bag ideas will start to flow. It’s now time to choose the products that best suit your theme and marketing needs to create a swag bag your employees or clients will love and one that will impress your boss. When selecting items think about the feeling you would get if you received the item. For example, a stuffed animal may make you smile. A chocolate bar may give you that special ‘Yeah!’ feeling. A water bottle may make you think, Cool I can use this. Also, consider the event itself. If it’s an outdoor event then a water bottle or sunblock may be perfect. If it’s a long event, then maybe some snacks.

5. Art Prep & Order

Now that you have selected your products, determine which art you would like printed on each item. If you have an ace art department let them know which items you’re getting and let them work up some amazing art for each item. It’s often best to name each art file with the name of the item it is to be printed on. Once your art is ready, place your orders. Keep an eye on the in-hands dates to ensure everything arrives in plenty of time. If you’re in a jam and waited a little too long to get started, companies like Blueberry Ink have thousands of custom printed items that can be shipped in a rush. Many can ship within 24 hours.

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