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Glowing Cherry



Soft Touch vs Matt vs Gloss lamination

Soft touch lamination, offers a protective finish with a matt effect and a soft, velvet-like texture… Its also naturally more scuff resistant than standard forms of lamination, such as matt, and is non-yellowing, meaning that its finish is prolonged.

Matt lamination has a “velvety” texture that makes it pleasant to handle. It also softens the contrast of darker colors so that they don’t stand out quite as much.

Gloss lamination produces a shiny, glass-like appearance that enhances the color and vibrancy of the ink on a page.


UV Varnish vs Spot Varnish vs Textured Varnish

UV Varnishing or Coating is a tough clear-coat applied over printed matter. It is applied in liquid form, then exposed to Ultra-Violet (UV) light which bonds and dries it instantly…hence its name “UV Coating.”

Spot Varnish can be applied over inked images to enhance a printed design. Spot varnishing is commonly found on book covers, in which only portions of the cover are high in gloss, in contrast to the surrounding matt texture.

Textured Varnish can be applied over inked images to enhance a printed design too, but final effect is of texture.

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