When A Recession Comes, Don’t Stop Advertising Brad Adgate Contributor Media Brad Adgate is an Independent Media Consultant Numerous case studies point out the best strategy marketers can have during a recession is to maintain their advertising budget and/or change their ad message to adapt to the current economy, it will provide long-term market growth...
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Vector artwork is made up of paths and is in an open, editable format. Working with vectors allows us to manipulate the artwork, as required, for branding purposes i.e. we can change colours, stretch or scale the artwork infinitely and make changes as requested. Without vectors we would be unable to make these changes. Certain...
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CMYK printing is the standard in the printing industry. CMY covers most light colour ranges while K gives it the ability to create darker, deep colours. CMYK colour has a wider range of colours though is limited compared to the RGB colour profile. RGB is used across electronic devices, emitting red, green and blue light...
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You’ve been asked to put together the ultimate swag bag for your upcoming corporate event, Oh no! What comes to your mind is a bag of cheap promotional products that will get tossed the moment they get home. But this is your time to shine. Show them you got this, you’re the master of swag.First...
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