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Team Building Indoor

The Indoor Team Challenge is a unique programme in which teams of participants compete against each other in a series of specially designed “indoor activities”. The challenges are different, fun and mentally stimulating and can include Pocket Rocket Football, Towering Food, Floating on Air, Sliding Puzzle, Abstract Art and Interactive Telly!


ScrabbleMatics is an interactive, audiovisual event that will ensure a “mini cranium work out”, while encouraging great social interaction between delegates. Basic arithmetic and “word games” are the order of the day as “ever changing” teams try and find the best solution within the given time frame.

Art Jamming is suitable for groups looking for a fun, entertaining, non-physical event. The group is split into smaller project teams and made responsible for a section of a large art “Masterpiece.” No one in the group is aware of what this “Masterpiece” looks like, however teams will need to collaborate and work together to make sure that they are all on the right track.

Movie Making – This is a fun, highly interactive programme where every single person is able to get involved, regardless of their age, level of fitness or physical abilities. Each team works together to write a script, produce, direct and act in a “Movie” or “Advert” using the resources provided. Teams are given a “Movie Making Kit” which contains an assortment of materials, props and goodies. Everyone has to tap into both their creative and practical abilities as they start to produce their movie.

Murder by Numbers is a problem solving, fun teambuild. There is a murder mystery to solve and teams must attempt to share clues, gather evidence and name the culprit. But there is a twist - you can't trust everyone!
There are also a number of tasks to be completed and some "unsolved cases" to be cracked. There are clues to be followed up, deductions to be made, red herrings to be avoided and suspicions confirmed!

The Apprentices A range of dynamic, crazy, new business simulation games that will catch your imagination and reinforce practical business concepts in a fun, competitive environment Teams must test their entrepreneurial skills against one another. Cameras add an exciting new dimension to the presentation and additional marketing elements provide something for everyone! Participants learn by practical experience, they also gain insight into themselves and others. Everyday themes add to the general enjoyment and give everyone something to relate to. Either the "Wine Bar" or "Pizza Shop" themes are available.



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