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Corporate Training

Training tailored around the needs of both the client, company and individual delegate to develop their full potential, which will ultimately facilitate measurable improvements in productivity, efficiency and profitability.

The courses are outcome based and designed to exceed the standards of the NQF and are constantly evaluated to being in alignment with SAQA.

Motivational Talks
For a confidence booster or informative session, these talks are never longer than a half-day.

  • Power Selling - This motivating and extremely humorous talk will show you ways to create the right Impact that persuades the customer to buy-in.

  • Time Management - The objective of this program is to know what the causes of time wasters are and how to eliminate them to generate more income, more satisfaction and a better working relationship with others. (3 Hours)

  • Problem Solving - The ability to solve problems will assist you to overcome issues that may cause hostility, friction, unhappiness and unnecessary stress amongst fellow employees, departments and management. (4 Hours)


            Other Corporate Training includes:
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